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The Museums of Tourouvre

The Museums of Tourouvre - Visit - tourism - Orne 61 - Camping near Paris - Camping Perche

The Museums of Tourouvre:
Museum of shops and brands

Pass through the famous Kub broth for a dive into the history of our company enamelled with hundreds of objects known to all and witnesses of a not so distant past.
From shopping cart to shopping cart, the Museum of Trademarks and Trademarks offers an informative, nostalgic and playful walk punctuated with reconstructions of old shops and interpretive spaces around the themes of the trade of the past, brands, advertising and advertising objects.

Museum of French Emigration in Canada

The contemporary and interactive scenography of the Museum of French Emigration in Canada invites visitors to embark for New France. This former French colony covered a vast territory from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River (Quebec) to the Mississippi Delta (Louisiana). There are 400 years, the Percherons were among the first to settle in these countries then unknown, to clear the forests, to cultivate the land, to build houses, in a word: to found a new country: the Canada.
Follow these pioneers of the New World of Perche on the banks of the St. Lawrence, face with them crossing the Atlantic, meet the Amerindians.

Antoine Cano House

The Antoine Cano House opened its doors to the public in October 2016 as part of the anniversary of the 10 years of the Museum of French Emigration in Canada which it extends the visit.
While the exhibition Nouvelle-France, new life is centered on the departure of the Percherons for Canada in the 17th century, these museum spaces address the issue of contemporary emigration to Canada.

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