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The Ecomuseum of Perche

The Perche Ecomuseum - St Cyr La Rosière - Perche Region - Perche Tourism - Visit - Family Outing - Orne 61 - Camping Near Paris

The Ecomuseum of Perche in Saint-Cyr-La-Rosière
The purpose of the Ecomuseum of Perche is to collect, preserve, study and present to the public the tangible and intangible heritage of Perche.
This territory is a geographical and identity entity that has been characterized in the course of history.
The Museum: Find the atmosphere of workshops of the past : the blacksmith and his colleague the saddler, the carpenter and sawyers long, the clog maker ...
Since 1972, the museum collects testimonials, objects and documents that trace the history of men and women of the country.
To understand today's Perch, discover agriculture, crafts and domestic life from the 19th to the 1960 years.
The Priory: In the year 1006 begins the history of the Priory... A small community of monks settles ...
Over the centuries priors succeed each other modeling the site.
After the French Revolution and for two centuries the home of the monks and scenes of apothecaries, the home of the prior and its historiated chimneys serve as a framework for the farm. Relive the history of this unique place, former dependency of the Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis.


Visit of the museum and the priory:
April to September:
10h30-18h30, every day.

October to March: 10h30-17h30 weekdays, 14h-17h30 weekends and holidays

Annual closure : 23 December 2017 to 19 January 2018 included

Address : Priory of Sainte-Gauburge - 61130 Saint-Cyr-la-Rosiere

Tel. : 02 33 73 48 06

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