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The Coteau de la Bandonnière

The Coteau de la Bandonnière - Visit - Longny Au Perche - Camping Normandy - Camping Perche - Family Vacations - Holiday Orne 61

The Coteau de la Bandonnière at Longny Au Perche
It looks like the South!
On this sunny hillside of Perche live an original flora and fauna, with southern tendencies: thyme, wild thyme, praying mantises and locusts make the happiness of the visitors. Dominating the village of Longny-au-Perche, a path allows to discover many facets of this exceptionally preserved natural heritage. Rustic goats and sheep, particularly adapted to this environment, are responsible for maintaining the vegetation.
Refuge territories for many plants (wild orchids) and insects (locusts, grasshoppers, butterflies), these environments appear on poor soils. Natural pastures (rabbits, deer) or introduced by humans (sheep, goats), meteorological and topographic conditions maintain a clear vegetation, composed mainly of grasses.
More than 130 plant species are present on the hillside.

Convenient :
Discovery trail open to the public (900 m) FREE visit all year round
Parking on site
Tel: 02 33 26 26 62 (Fauna and Flora Association of the Orne)
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